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Top 10 Detergent Brands

Washing clothes is a tough work but it becomes really easy when a good detergent brand comes your way. Here is the list of best detergent brands in UK which you can use to make washing easy and happy 😉

  1. Ariel Color Washing Capsules

It cleans, brightens and lifts off the stains from your clothes. You don’t need to measure and pour, put it according to your need. It provides you best cleaning in just one little pod.

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  1. Ecos Magnolia and Lily Laundry Detergent

This detergent is made from renewable plant extracts. Ecos is fragranced with all the essential oils. Different sizes and packages are available of the Ecos Magnolia for their customers.

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  1. Lenor Febreze Fabric Softener

It filled your clothes with clear and clean renewing freshness and removes all stains in first wash. It also perfect for the blushing and dark clothes as it retains their color as they are in original form. Lenor provides 4 time’s longer freshness and clean look.

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  1. Tenestar Silk Washing Detergent

It helps the silk to keep its shining with it for a long period. Colors will stay bright for longer period with the usage of Tenestar. Fabric washed with Tenestar remained soft and flexible. It’s like spa for the silk clothes and nourishes them.

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  1. Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser

As it clear from its name it is helpful in making your clothes bacteria free at a low temperature. This cleanser is suitable for every kind of clothes from under garments to children’s clothes. Flavors are available in cleanser are like Fresh Cotton, Soothing Lavender and Fragrance free also.

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  1. Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid

Fairy original is best used for the stains of the grease and other solid stains. You will get the best results from the every drop of the fairy original washing powder. It lasts more than 50% than the other detergent brands.

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  1. Stergene Gentle Care

It is specially made for the delicate homemade and hand wash items. All the delicate fabrics like silk; cashmere and cotton are easily washable with the Stergene gentle care. It has a light fragrance and a non-biological to the environment.

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  1. Natural Washing Powder

Natural washing powder is especially for the new born baby clothes with extra virgin oil, chlorophyll, herbal extracts and essential oils. It protects the baby clothes from irritation, allergy or any other skin infection. It is an ideal washing powder for the people with the dermatological problems.

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  1. Method Laundry Detergent

It is a smart liquid washing for all the color or white clothes. Method detergent does not contain any harsh chemicals and make clothes soft and gentle. It is a natural detergent contains no chemicals and retains the color and texture of the clothes.

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  1. Vanish Gold Oxi Action

It is a stain remover powder, with an instant action against the dirt and grime. You don’t need to soak your garments before washing like other detergents. Flavors available in Vanish Oxi Action are Gold and Platinum. It is the best use for the white clothes.

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