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Top 10 Tea Brands

A sip of tea in the morning is the best thing anyone can ever have to start the day. Here is the list of best tea brands in UK that can offer you the most amazing experience. The list has been prepared after taking opinions from some of the tea lovers, active on various online platforms and readily shared their thoughts with us. Do leave your comments, if you think we have missed your favorite brand:-

PG Tips

PG tips

PG Tips seems to be the most loved brand of UK as the reviews that we received mentioned their fondness for PG Tips tea brand. Manufactured by Unilever UK, PG Tips Standard Black Tea version is the most popular in the country. Since it tastes too good without black, PG Tips remains the market capturer.



Tetley remained the second most popular brands amongst our reviews as it is said to be the ‘builder’s tea since it is very strong. Being the second largest manufacturer of tea, Tetley is supplied in over 40 countries and has strong market presence across globe. Tetley was bought by Tata Group in 2012.

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Yorkshire Tea


Yorkshire shares the second position with Tetley. Basically, Yorkshire is the black tea blend. There are four different versions of tea available in Yorkshire tea and is soon going to expand to cakes, biscuits and other items. Manufactured by The Bettys & Taylors Group, Yorkshire Tea is blended of what is grown in Sri Lanka, Assam and Kenya.



Twinings is another popular name amongst tea lovers of UK. It is one of the oldest brands of UK, started in 1706. It has maintained its ratings over a period of time and is available at The Strand, Central London. Twinings brand is owned by Associated British Foods.



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Typhoo has received rave reviews from tea-addicts because of options its offers for different taste and genre. Decaf, Gold, Herbal and Extra Strong- these four variants are in the market for the longest period of time and owns a very prominent place in UK market.



Nambarrie Tea is now owned by Twinings and have some prominent names as its self-confessed fans. Being the third biggest brand of the Scotland, Nambarrie brand had its base in Belfast, Northern Ireland but has shifted to England recently.

Clipper Tea


Clipper is one of the popular brands of UK which received Fairtrade Mark in UK. Owned by Royal Wessanen, it is the sixth biggest brand of the country and claims to contain only natural ingredients and no artificial material. This might be the reason behind its popularity.

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Glengettie Tea


Glengettie Tea has Indian connection as it is owned by an Indian conglomerate. It is specifically blended to suit the taste of Welsh consumers. It is available in UK market since 1952 and remains the most exotic and loved brand.

Horniman’s Tea


Horniman’s Tea is one of the 18th century brand which once acquired more than 50% of UK market. It is currently owned by Douwe Egberts and claims to have several reputed personalities as its fan.

Jacksons of Piccadilly


Jacksons of Piccadilly is one of the royal brands of London that has received critical acclaim from the royals. It has the Chinese connection, hence claims to be different. Owned by Robert Jackson since 18th century, Jacksons of Piccadilly claims to have the original recipe for one of the most famous type of tea- Earl Grey Tea.

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