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Top 10 Halloween Dress Ideas

Halloween is celebrated every year on 31st October. Although, it is not a public holiday but the night before Catholic festival of All Saints and the pagan Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween is celebrated with full fun and frolic. People get dressed up in different kind of attires. Here is the list of most trendy halloween dresses for this year, check them out-


There are different types of clown dresses such as Bozo and Twisty. Most of them are available online at various e-commerce website. There are different kind of accessories available in the market to compliment your dress. Couple this dress with a big red nose or a bright colored cap.


Witch costumes are the most popular dress ideas among kids and adults alike. They have been traditionally favorite since long and people love to dress themselves into this as it is the most economical idea to adorn. You can check out the option at below link.


No foundation base, no eyeliner, just use some extra aboriginal blood to make some scary looking marks. You can also try wearing some old school clothes which are torn enough to make you look really hungry and ready to eat zombie.


Skeletons dress ideas are one of the most commonly adorned outfit for Halloween. Several e-commerce websites offers various variants of such dresses. The one with neon bone prints or the one with scary lights- choose your pick.

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Batman, Superman or may be avengers! Superheroes never go out of fashion. The most amazing thing of getting in to the skin of Superheroes is that you don’t have to try very hard for arranging the accessories.


Remember Mojo JoJo, the much hated villain from Powerpuff Girls? Yes, you can adore the look of any of those childhood villains or even the one which had received your hatred in recent days like Joker from Batman ! Why not !


Who can get over the much loved Jack Sparrow! It’s simple and stylish. And most importantly, you will be loved. Just pick up the accent and you are done. Happy Sparrowing !


If you want to win the charm of the ladies, minions can be the best bet. Just blabber anything in random language and they are going to find you in utterly cute! Try it to believe it.

Any Fancy Dress !

Be a Pumpkin or a paper man or a ghost- anything can be fancy till the time it looks scary. Market is flooded with such options, just browse over the options online as you might get something really fancy which is not available offline.

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