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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Valentine’s Day is here and if you are on toes to find out the best gift for your girlfriend, here is the cheat code for you. We bring you the best 10 gifts for girls that will earn you her affection, totally unimaginable. So you can thank us later just start shopping-


Heart Shaped Umbrella

Man is a form of protection that every girl seeks! So, how about a heart shaped umbrella. Let it be rainy or sunny or anything, she is never going to forget it ever.


Lounge Shorts

There is no better gift than comfort to any girl and this cute pair of shorts are just the perfect fit for her. Need not to be pricey but make sure these are of her interest and color! Try it out


Ring Stand

If not a ring, why not a ring stand or a case. It’s definitely different, very usable and exactly what she is expecting from you- to make her life easy. So, not too pricey, get her a ring case or a stand, just like a perfect gentleman.


Shopping Tote

Who doesn’t like shopping? A Shopping tote would be a green signal for her from you that her next bills are on you! Kidding. Just find her the most awe-inspiring tote which can motivate her to shop more, spend more and get some more happiness.


Cute Scarf

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Just like shorts, make sure the scarf is of her favorite colour or may be the one which goes with her favorite dress. Don’t make it overly cute if she isn’t into that kind of genre. Choose a subtle one which she can carry to work or even to parties, depending upon where she prefers to go more!


Customised Bracelet

This isn’t the perfect but obviously the best one. Girls love to carry the tag along of being in relationship especially if they are truly in love. So get her a bracelet, embraced it with your name or a phrase that connects you both. She will be really happy!


Thoughts Glasses

Words speaks more than action, when it comes to girls. Bring her some thoughtful quotations embedded over glasses or some compliments that suits her the best, like- you’re awesome, you make me feel special or something like that.


Scented Candles

If it’s a romantic evening for the duo, scented candles can just fit in the place. She might always shop for the one which you like but this time gift her something of her choice or the one she loves. It will be a pleasant surprise for her!


Apology Notepad

Who doesn’t make mistakes! This can be a fun thing where you can acknowledge your faults and can actually explain about the recent slip-ups. You are going to get the apology in an easy way. Just hope for the best and she didn’t finish it off before the next valentine’s day.


Lunch Bags

There is nothing lovely than a lady’s style statement in which she feels not just confident but stylish as well. Gift her a trendy lunch bag that can match her dressing sense. Don’t get something too girly else she isn’t going to like it. Check out different colors and designs for better selection.

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  • Velvet July 10, 2016, 11:17 pm

    Ya learn soienhmtg new everyday. It’s true I guess!

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