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Top 10 Tripod & Monopod Brands

Looking for an ideal camera setting? Tripods and Monopod are the best tools to get shooting angles. However, not all tripods can offer you durability and expansion. Hence, here we are shortlisting the best brands for Monopod and Tripod selection-

XCSOURCE Professional Tripod and Monopod

For outdoor photography take this traveller tripod with ball head design. It has five section centre columns which provide you lowest possible shooting angle. Its quick release leg locking provides you with the facility of more convenient leg handling. These professional pieces provide different damping effects depend upon the weight of the camera.

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Hawell Professional Travel Tripod and Monopod

It has four section centre column, providing you lowest angle shooting. It has four sizes like Q02, Q555, Q555, QR Plate with quick release leg locking that provides you more convenient leg handling. It has a removable leg which can be easily converted into a monopod. It has a quick plate which is suitable for all the SLR cameras.

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Professional Ballhead for monopod tripod camera Canon

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It has 360-degree panning for panorama shots, it’s knob controller is simply designed and can be easily controlled. It also has a removable quick-release plate with a different screw for the DSLR cameras. It is comfortable for most of the tripods and easily adjustable for monopods too.

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Tripod Monopod Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note 5/4/3/2 or 1

Tripod with phone bracket min/max height is 330mm/1060mm with 1/4 standard removable screw. The phone bracket is extendable to 55 mm (min.) to 85mm (max.).  It helps you to take a professional photograph in a very easy way.

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Middle Aluminium Camera Tripod Monopod

The Tripod comes with 1/4 standard screw whose legs are easily detachable and can be converted into the monopod. Phone bracket is extendable to maximum 85mm.

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Leaptek Professional Tripod Monopod Kit

It has different colours like diamond leg version, simple version and an updated version. It has 5-section tripod leg design with anti-slide rubber feet that allows you to adjust your height from 35 cm to 153 cm. it comes with detachable mid-pole which is easily converted into a monopod.

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Andoer TP-166 Portable Tripod Unipod and Monopod

It is made up of aluminium alloy, and have a maximum load capacity of 3 kg. It comes with a horizontal sphere support of 360 degrees and 0-88 degree vertically rotation. It has a flexible long strip rubber foot parallel with the ground at any height.

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Rangers Carbon Tripod Monopod Kit

It comes with 5-center column allows for the best and the lowest possible shooting angle. It is having removable legs to convert it into a monopod, also includes ball head adapter with 360 degrees. It’s each leg is infinitely adjustable for comfortable photography.

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Aluminium/Magnesium Tripod Detachable Monopod

This is available in two colours like AT64 Tripod and AT64C Tripod. Its functional design allows you to use in tripod, monopod or bipod mode. For perfect shot and incredible smoothness use it 360 degrees ball head design. It has twisted lock leg sections that help you to control angle and height with ultimate precision and speed.

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K&F Concept Portable Tripod Monopod

A variety of sizes is available in the same product with different colours as well. This is suitable for any digital camera with 1/4″ screw, provided with a portable free pocket, easy to carry and do a professional photography on your outdoor trips is more convenient.

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