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Top 10 Radio Stations

Want to check whether your favorite radio station features in the list of best radio stations of the country? Here’s the consolidated information of state’s most-listened-to frequencies along with the approximate number of listeners every week. The accuracy could not be guaranteed but we have tried to be as precise as possible!


Logo_Talk Sport

Talk Sport is the biggest sports radio station which serves to over 3 million listeners in UK. It is a 24-hour radio station that gives complete coverage of sport events happening anywhere in the world. The channel is available on multiple frequency to serve audiences who are in different geographical region.

Listen to Talk Sport Live Here


logo_Smooth FM

Smooth FM caters to more than 4.5 million of listeners. This radio station plays shows on adult contemporary format which interests young audience. Not just the music but Smooth FM also plays brief news bulletin every hour.

Listen to Smooth FM Live Here



Serving over 5 million audiences across nation, KISS FM broadcasts various genres of music such as hip hop, R&B, urban and electronic dance. KISS plays shows of multiple formats on this frequency that have managed to keep the audience glued to the station.

Listen to KISS FM Live Here

Classic FM

Logo_Classic FM

Classic FM has over 5 million listeners spread across the nation. It just broadcasts the classical music, modern film scores and videogame music. It has won hearts through ‘Nation’s favorite Christmas Carol’ where listeners are asked to vote to their most loved Christmas Carol.

Listen to Classic FM Live Here

BBC Radio 5

LOGO_BBC Radio 5

British Broadcasting Company’s Radio 5 serves over 5 million listeners across state. This radio station specializes in news bulletins, phone-ins, interviews and commentaries. In short, BBC Radio 5 is the only all news radio frequency to feature in the list of top 10 radio stations of UK.

Listen to BBC Radio 5 Live Here

Capital FM

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Logo Capitall FM

Capital FM covers 11 music stations and covers 7 million audiences, aged between 14-34 years. The frequency plays latest hit, news bulletin, speech and showbiz.

Listen to Capital FM Live Here


Logo_Heart FM

Heart network has multiple radio stations under its network and have dedicated 8 million listeners in the state. Audience can choose their nearest location to enjoy music from the closest music station. All of these are adult contemporary radio station playing various genres of music as well as hourly news bulletin.

Listen to Heart Live Here

BBC Radio 1

Logo_BBC Logo

BBC Radio 1 boasts live audience of over 9 million over a week. This station basically focusses on contemporary hits and plays all latest music forms such as hip hop, indie, rock, electronic dance and many more. The target audiences for Radio 1 are those aged between 15-29 years.

Listen to BBC Radio 1 Live Here

BBC Radio 4 

Logo_BBC 4

BBC Radio 4 has over 10 million loyal audiences which offers spoken word variety format. Some of the popular shows on this frequency are Digital Human, 4 Stories, Radio Four in Four, Seriously.. and Best Queue.

Listen to BBC Radio 4 Live Here

BBC Radio 2

Logo_BBC Radio 2

With over 15 million listeners every week, BBC Radio 2 is the most favorite radio station of UK based on adult contemporary format. There are number of chat shows and interviews which get aired on this network. Lost but found is another popular creation of BBC Radio 2 that makes it the most loved radio frequency of UK.

Listen to BBC Radio 2 Live Here

If you still think we have missed any of them, drop in your comments in the box below.

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