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Top 10 Music Apps

Crazy about music? Can’t keep your hands off from your device? Well, a device is nothing if you don’t have a good app to practice your passion. Hence to make your life simpler, easier and better, we present you to the top and best music apps of UK. We have done are best to bring you the most awesome options to explore your love for music.

Songkick Concert


You will love this app if you have some specific likes and favorites. With wide music library, you can also listen to the live streaming when your favorite band is performing. You can also track your favorite artists and get concert alerts as soon as they are announced.

Ratings on Google Play- 4.2

Download Songkick: Android| iOS | Windows


Logo Soundhound

The best thing about this music app is that you can search for songs just by singing or humming into Soundhound. This makes it the most exclusive app in the world. Rest, like any other music app, you can discover new music as per your choice that too free of cost.

Ratings on Google Play- 4.3

Download Soundhound: Android | iOS | Windows


Logo Panamp

PanApp or Panamp is an iOS app and can be an alternative for iPhone’s default music app. You can browse your library through single swipe. Moreover, it comes with a price tag but have attracted awesome reviews from all major tech mags.

Cost: £1.49

Download PanApp: iOS



This app is a treat for music lovers who find enticement in exploring and discovering new songs, videos, bands and photos. It has an excellent mind map feature which has attracted rave reviews from users.

Download Discovr: iOS


Logo Figure

Figure is an app through which you can make music in seconds. You can share, remix and collaborate with music makers all over the world. This makes it one of the most favorite music apps in the world.

Cost: £69

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Download Figure: iOS


Logo Musyc

It is music app come a game which gives user an interface to create their own harmony through colorful shapes around the screen. Already a favorite of production and music geeks, Musyc is available only for those devices running on iOS.

Download Musyc: iOS



This app allows you to download your favorite podcasts without syncing it to your computer. In fact, you can search, browse, download and create your own playlist of podcast that interests you.

Cost: £1.99

Download Downcast: iOS

TuneIn Radio

Logo Tunein

This app allows you to listen over 70,000 radio stations across world. With TuneIn you can listen to different station every new day and this can go on for rest of your life.

Ratings on Google Play- 4.3

Download TuneIn: Android | iOS | Windows



This app can be renamed as the portable recording studio. Musicians actually uses this app to listen to their rehearsals and practice sessions. This is also used to change song structure, hence, it is a big success amongst the new and established music artists.

Download Garageband: iOS

Twitter #music

Logo twitter music

If you are one of those whose life revolves around 140 characters and believes in tweeting every moment, twitter #music is for you. The app offers functionality to access iTunes Radio, rdio, Spotify, Vine, Superstars and Song Tweets

Download Twitter #Music: AndroidiOS

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