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Top 10 Brands for Mattress

A comfortable sleep is a must for a healthy mind and a deep sleep is only possible when you have too good mattress to sleep on. So, here is the list of top mattress brands that you can consider buying-


Silentnight Mattress Brand is 70 year old and claims to be the only sleep expert in UK. There is enormous range of mattresses available under this label that too in a wide budget range. Several e-comm sites offer Silentnight mattresses at discounted price.


Bedzonline Mattress Brand is very new in market as compared to other brands. This company claims to have completed more than 5000 orders. There are multiple type of mattresses available with this label which are super-affordable and looks good with respect to design.

Happy Beds

Happy Beds Mattress Brand claims that it is best priced label available in the market. This is one of those brand which offers customised beds and one can do selection of headboard styles, colours, fabrics, base types, and a range of storage drawer options suiting your needs.

Bed Xpress

Bed Xpress Mattress Brand is active in the market since past 25 years. There is a large store of Bed Xpress in South Wales. Other than this, they are also available online and delivers to your doorstep. You can also shop for Bed Xpress Mattress from E-comm majors.

Southern Foam

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Southern Foam Mattress Brand manufactures various kind of beds and mattress. Not just on the native website, Southern Foam bedding and mattress are available on various e-commerce website.

Visco Therapy

Visco Therapy is one of those companies in the market which are active in UK market since 70’s. They are master in manufacturing bedroom furniture such as foam mattress, bedding and other items, which also makes them the the industry leader.

Joseph International

Joseph International Mattress are one of the top quality product available in the market. Build with  highest specifications using premium materials, Joseph International claims to be one of best service provider in the UK.

Extreme Comfort

Extreme Comfort Mattresses are manufactures various kind of mattresses that includes Pocket, Foam and Sprung. With wide range of options available on their very own site, you can buy it online or can also look for good deals from eCommerce website.

Bestway Comfort Quest

Bestway Mattress brand is very famous in UK. Single Flocked Mattress, Inflatable Mattress are manufactured by Bestway and are available at very efficient cost. Hassle free delivery options are available if you order through eCommerce website or even through there own website.

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