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Top 10 Magazines

If you are a gossip monger or just to remain updated about the latest trend across the globe, magazine will definitely interest you. You need not to a fan of any particular magazine, it can be any or it can be many. Here is the list of top 10 magazines in UK with respect to circulation, check out if this features your favorite-

The National Trust Magazine

The National Trust Magazine covers features on historic places and natural beauty. The circulation figures suggest that the readership is more than 4 million. National Trust publishes three editions in a year- spring, summer and autumn. Usually the content covered in this magazine revolves around interiors, gardens, landscape, wildlife, family, food, environment and all areas of National Trust life.

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Asda Magazine

Asda is the popular retail chain and subsidiary of Walmart. Asda Magazine is awarded as one of the best grocery magazine of UK. Basically, this publication is used by Asda to promote its retain chain which offers groceries and other items of basic necessities. This retail store is the second biggest super market across the globe and also has a mobile phone company.

Tesco Magazine

Tesco is another retail stores in UK that publishes its in-store magazine. It is also one of the largest-circulation magazines in the United Kingdom with figures reached 2 million. The content is focused on- food, family and living. It is already the third largest supermarket retailer in the world.

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TV Choice

TV Choice Magazine publishes TV listings that goes on stands every Tuesday. Published by H. Bauer Publishing, it is the UK subsidiary of family-run German company Bauer Media Group. It features weekly programming listings and also comes up with annual awards every year, awarding programs in different genre.

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Morrisons Magazine

Morrisons is an award winning digital magazine, published bi-monthly. It usually features the hot deals on food and other material sold in Morrisons retail store. As per the circulation,  it has the highest readership across UK, as claimed by its promoters.

What’s On TV

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What’s On TV is a television listing magazine which is circulated across UK and is counted as one of the top magazines in the country on the basis of readership and circulation. It is published by IPC Media and can be read online at below given link.

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Radio Times

Radio Times publishes radio broadcasting programs weekly. It used to be published by BBC magazine but later on it was merged with Immediate Media Company. It is the first magazine of its type to get published and list all radio programs that are broadcasted across nation.

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Take a Break

 Take a break claims to be the biggest selling women’s magazine in UK. It covers various topics including latest trends, health, child care, parenting, lifestyle tips and many more verticals. It is also published by Bauer and has its reach in almost entire Britain.

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Nature’s Home

Nature’s Home is the publication of Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The circulation figure is more than 600,000. It gets published every quarter and covers latest features on natural beauty, birds, wildlife, species, flora and fauna that interest the common population of UK. It claims that around one in 40 of all UK individuals read Nature’s Home Magazine.


Pet People

PetPeople Magazine is one of the most widely circulated and most read magazines amongst pet lovers. The Magazine features content on pet’s health, living and food habits. It is published twice a year and claims to have good fan following of pet lovers.

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