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Top 10 Entrepreneurs

Truly said, ‘Legends are made not born’ and so are entrepreneurs. There are many such examples in the history and at present when people from nowhere are coming and creating a powerful impact on everyone’s life through their business streak, mindfulness and of course through their hardwork. Here are top most popular entrepreneurs of UK, that have won hearts, money and popular among common people:

Simon & Bobby Arora

Simon and Bobby Arora are siblings in relation and are in early forties. They run discount retail chain and have wealth of over £1900 and employs over 19,000 people. They together formed the brand B&M which is now one of the top start-ups of the country.

Nitin Passi

Nitin Passi is a 32-year old entrepreneur who is better known as the founder of Missguided. It is an online fashion chain that grew massively in last five years and have turnover of over £80 million. It employs over 200 individuals and has its headquarters in Salford Quays.

Denise & John Coates

These are siblings in late forties who owns online gaming site and earns £2,350 and employs over 3,000 people in their enterprise. Basically, it is a potteries-based online gambling outfit Bet365, with over 200% rise in turn over in five years.

Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly is a 57 year old software professional  who runs an enterprise which is worth  £310 million and employs 488 people. The latest turnover is £396  million which has risen by 250% in last five years.

Philip Day

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Philip is an 50 year old businessman and runs retail chain and owns wealth of over £700 million. Currently he employs over 10,000 people in 380 stores. The turnover of his business has risen by 186% in five years.

Chris Dawson

Dawson success story is also about owning discount retail chains. He is worth £1,650 million while his latest turnover accounts for more than £815 million. His retail chains currently employs 9,000 people which is 116% more than what was recorded in 2011.

Jason Bannister

Jason is a 44 year old entrepreneur who owns furniture retail chain and is worth £90 million. The latest turnover was more than £190 million and employs more than 800 people.

Gareth Williams

William is the proud maker of online travel enterprise which is worth of £80 million. This 46 year old man employs 492 people and his latest turnover was close to £90 million.

Jonathan Ruffer

Ruffer is the owner of investment management company which has turnover of £160 million. He is an 64 year old individual whose wealth is more than £400 million. Currently, 145 employees work with him.

Tony Pidgley

Tony is a house building entrepreneur whose worth is more than £270 million. Aged at 68, his enterprise currently employs more than 2000 people which is 133% more than 2011.

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