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Top 10 Chocolate Brands

Who isn’t a fan of chocolates? There are hardly few tongues in this world that do not longs for chocolates. Currently, market is flooded with so many kinds of chocolates but is your favorite one in the list of most loved chocolates brands of UK? Here is the list of most popular chocolate brands in UK:-

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in UK


Montezuma Chocolates logo

Montezuma is one of the popular brands in UK which got incepted in 2000. Classified as the luxury chocolate bars and handmade chocolate makers, Montezuma is also famous for manufacturing truffles and supply range of chocolate hampers for gifting purpose.

Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates logo

Rococo claims to be one of the award winning chocolates of UK. There are various collections of chocolates available for sale. In fact, regular events are also organised by the owners to educate their consumer. Available on all leading e-commerce website, Rococo Chocolates is hot famous among common people.


Galaxy Chocolates logo

Galaxy is now a multinational brand and not just UK, it has gained its popularity in Asian countries as well. It manufactures milk chocolates and is marketed by Mars. Galaxy is active since 1960, hence holds vintage value in the UK.


M&M's Chocolates logo

M&M chocolates are button shaped chocolates, produced by Mars. It is one of the oldest chocolates in UK, available since 1941. There are different kind and shapes of chocolates available in UK which are manufactured within this label.


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Terry's Chocolates logo

Terry’s is owned by Kraft Foods since 1993 but is active in UK market since late 18th century. This is a real vintage chocolate of UK. The most famous Terry’s chocolate is in Orange flavor, that is still available on various e-commerce websites.


Fry's Chocolates image

Fry’s chocolate is a milk bar which is available on major shopping and grocery sites. However, this particular chocolate is not suitable for someone having allergy or aversion to milk. Different variants of chocolates are available within this label, making it one of the loved chocolate brands of UK.


Kinder Chocolate logo

Kinder is one of the children’s favorite chocolate brand which has also gone global in recent times. Active since 1968, Kinder is a brand which is available in different shapes and sizes and is focused on catering children taste buds.


Twix Chocolates logo

Twix is another brand which is marketed by Mars chocolates. There is only one variant available within this label which is very popular across UK because of its taste. For those who are calorie conscious should know  that the fun size has 80 calories, 4 grams of fat and 8 grams of sugar.


Lindt Chocolates logo

LINDT chocolates claims to be producing the world’s finest chocolates. These chocolates are available across UK in supermarkets as well as dedicated Lindt stores. Various kind of chocolates are manufactured under this label which claims to be popular amongst people.


Hershey's Chocolates logo

Hershey is one of the American brand which is equally popular in UK. Not just Hershey’s chocolates but candies are equally famous and attracts fancies of children and adults alike. These branded chocolate brands are available across supermarkets and grocery stores as well. You can shop for Hershey’s chocolates online as well.

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