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Top 10 Camera Brands

Do you like capturing memories? You cant keep your hands off camera? If yes, you should surely get a camera for yourself. However, it is not important to spend a lot and get a professional camera, but you can start with a digital cam, followed by SLR or DSLR that can offer you more than average clicking experience. Here we have compiled list of top 10 camera brands of United Kingdom


Pentax Logo

Ricoh Imaging company launched their range of SLR and DSLR under the brand Pentax. They claim to build award winning DSLR lenses and sport optic equipment. It is one of the popular camera brands in the world to offer stylish and compact digital cameras.

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Being one of the global brands, Canon serves to the taste of amateurs as well as professional photographers. The range of lenes, customized settings offered by them makes Canon one of the trusted camera brands in UK.

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With the tagline ‘mastering the magic of light’, Panasonic had now become one of the oldest camera brand for SLR and DSLR of professional quality. The regular quality upgrades and after sale service make Panasonic a popular camera range, referred by some of the veteran photographers.

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Believed to be one of the most expensive camera brands, Sony offers the vast range of cameras, acesssories and best in class equipment. Used by some of the greatest photographers, Sony cameras have been choices of many since ages. Available in varied size and range, Sony Cameras in UK are big hit.

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Awarded as the Best Photography Brand 2015, Nikon has always made news by creating the buzz in the market about their products, accessories and equipment. Some of the popular models are D5500, D750, D 810 and D4s. These are available in all part of UK, including London, Whales and Northern Ireland.

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Promising to serve all kind of photopgraphic needs, Olympus has multiple kind of cameras, lenses and other accessories to offer. Olympus cameras are available in different price range and to cater different segments. Suiting to the different needs of different seasons of UK, Olympus have started getting attention from industry veterans because of the quality they offer.

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It is an eight decades old player in photography field. With innovation, the company has brought several new models in the market in past decade. The most popular camera ranges still remain the pro/enthusiast fixed lens, compact cameras, Fujinon X mount lenses and Compact system cameras.

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Being one of the oldest companies to build cameras, Leica is a German brand which is known for its classic finishing and camera models. Once a market leader, Leica is not into manufacturing digital cameras and lenses that still suits to the needs of modern day photographer.

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Konica Minolta

Konica minolta

Although they aren’t producing any of the product as they have sold their camera operations to Sony, there are still few units of Konica Minolta cameras in UK available for sale but in used market. Maxxum range brought by Konica Minolta was a big success and received rave reviews from veterans.

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Apart from dominating the world’s smartphone market, Samsung has stronghold in photography industry as well. NX cameras, galaxy Cameras, Point and Shoot cameras are three popular range of Samsung cameras in UK. Promising to be Ultra-portable, Samsung cameras are popular amongst techies who love to be connected to social media 24×7 and believes in sharing on-time clicks.

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