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Top 10 Basmati Rice Brands

India is very popular for supplying a variety of Basmati Rice Brands to the world. People in UK too like the taste of Indian Basmati Rice which gives awesome flavour and texture. Here are the top Basmati Rice Brands available in UK that hails from top suppliers of the world.

Rozana Basmati Rice

This special rice is imported from the Punjab region at the foothills of the Himalayas. This is best known for its dramatic fragrance while cooking. This brand rice has the irresistible flavour, texture and size. Such kind of rice is suitable for everyday eating.

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Veetee Supreme Basmati Rice

Basmati word has the meaning-“the fragrant one”, as these have mouth-watering aroma, with fresh white color, sublime clean flavor with delicate fluffy texture. It is enriched to twice to their length while cooking. It is a trademarked brand with 100% pure Indian Basmati rice.

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Tilda Pure Basmati

Tilde is a pure basmati rice. The size of the rice will also amaze you as its flavor too. Due to its easy packaging it is convenient to carry and handle from one place to another.

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Suma Organic White Basmati

It is one of the varieties of long grained white basmati with fragrance, sweet flavoured and free flowing. This product is prepared by the Suma, a UK-based Ethical worker-owned cooperative business. It is a white rice flavoured basmati with its astonishing flavour and colour.

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Pride of India

It is extra long India basmati rice – naturally aged aromatic grain. These rice remain 100 % natural for a period of 2 year. This rice is packaged in sealed food grade gourmet plastic jars which are reusable.

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White Pearl Basmati

It is pure, mature and authentic basmati rice from Pakistan. These are long, fluffy, deliciously fine and separate grains. It has unique aromatic fragrance and free from gluten and lactose. These are watered by the snow-fed rivers of the Himalayas that provide them better taste and presence.

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Biona Organic Basmati Brown Rice

It is totally organic with no insecticides and pesticides. All the ingredients used in this product are highly natural, of high quality and best for the vegetarians.

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TRS Basmati Rice

TRS basmati rice is the one of the old aged basmati rice. Just like the nature of the rice, they are as superior like their quality. TRS basmati rice also give aromatic fragrance while cooking with flavoured taste as well.

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Eco-farmed California White Basmati

It is California-based eco-farmed white basmati pure rice which is aged from 2 years and now served with variety of superior qualities. All the details about the product and its packaging details are explained on the packet itself.

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Morrison’s boil in the bag Basmati rice

These are long grain basmati rice containing cereals and gluten, best suitable for vegetarian and vegans. This rice can be boiled in the given packaging as well and that’s what makes it special. It also retains its nice long shiny texture as well.

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