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Among the alza-developed products commercialized to date by client companies under these arrangements are procardia xl-registered trademark- adalat cr- registered trademark- nifedipine for the treatment of angina and hypertension, transderm-nitro-registered trademark- nitroglycerin for the prevention and treatment of angina, nicoderm-registered trademark- cq-trademark- nicotine for use as an aid in smoking cessation, and glucotrol xl-registered trademark- glipizide for the treatment of type ii diabetes.

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a generic version of procardia is available, see nifedipine prices.

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the relatively common adverse events were similar in nature to those seen with procardia xl.

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limited clinical studies have demonstrated a moderate but statistically significant decrease in platelet aggregation and an increase in bleeding time in some procardia patients.

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procardia nifedipine is indicated for the management of vasospastic angina confirmed by any of the following criteria 1 classical pattern of angina at rest accompanied by st segment elevation, 2 angina or coronary artery spasm provoked by ergonovine, or 3 angiographically demonstrated coronary artery spasm.

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procardia and terbutaline are the most common ones prescribed to prevent preterm labor and are completely safe for you and your baby.


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