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looking at both lipitor and crestor, you can see as the dose goes up 10, 20, 40, 80 the percent of reduction of ldl continues to improve, but rate of myopathy is pretty much the same except for a slight bump at the 80mg dose of lipitor.

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for the lipitor-treated patients, median min, max baseline tg level was 565 267 1502 .

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atorvastatin calcium co-administration of actos for 7 days with atorvastatin calcium lipitor 80 mg once daily resulted in least square mean 90 ci values for unchanged pioglitazone of 0.

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the statin market became increasingly competitive as a result of the publication of clinical results demonstrating the benefits of higher potency statins, as well as the significant promotion spending by pfizer in support of the statin market leader, lipitor , astrazeneca in support of crestor and merck schering-plough in support of vytorin .


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